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Ontmoet de spelers van BlowUp!

Noor Kamerbeek

fluit, altfluit

Studied flute with Abbie de Quant, Adriaan Bonsel and Koos Verheul, obtaining her Masters-degree Cum laude in 1982 at the Amsterdam Sweelinck Conservatoire, making her debut on tv. Between 1978-81 she was a member of the ECYO. From 1981-1991 she was solo-flautist of the Chamber Orchestra of Europe, touring the world and performing in that capacity for many radio-tv shows and price-winning cd-recordings. After 1992, she started freelancing with many (int.) orchestras, chamber music-ensembles and performing from 1994 as a soloïst on a historical flute from 1895. In 2010 she premiered the Concerto ‘Het Zielebladje’ with the The Netherlands Chamber Choir, written fort this occasion by the French composer Patrick Burgan.

From 1992, she developed also as a versatile music programmer and writer about music and worked in that capacity for printed media and the Dutch National Broadcast company VARA (1994-2014 ‘Vroege Vogels’ and Composer of the Week).

She initiated her own music festival: Huygens Muziek Festival (2007-2012) and became from 2006 (artistic) member of the Fluteoctet BlowUp!. From 2014 she works as a freelance musician and music programmer, writer, painter and sculptor.

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